Are you ready for the season of cosiness?


We all know there is nothing nicer than returning to your home to be surrounded by warming textures, colours, natural materials and of course a warm beverage. It really does make those cold, wet days just that little more special – in the space that you feel the safest.

The changing season

This time of year, sees the most dramatic changes to the local environment surrounding our homes. Bright greens, flourishing stark colours, all begin to fade and are replaced with hues of red, orange and yellow. In many ways, it shapes our internal dialogue and we slowly become mildly sedated, seeking more time indoors.

This time indoors, needs to support our newly found feelings and mandate for welcoming colours, material textures and patterns. One of the easiest ways to start changing the feel of a room is by adding some basic soft-furnishings such as scatter cushions, or you may want to add a more significant item, such as a chair with bespoke upholstery.

The joy of fabric selection

The great thing about changing your existing household soft-furnishings and upholstery, is that the colour and textile choices are endless. Local interior designers, upholsterers and soft-furnishing experts have a wealth of knowledge and love nothing more than advising on the latest trends. It is often this element of the craft that drives the deep passion and love for the job within the sector. Majority of them also offer a free home visit, where they will sit and go through all of the possible options. This gives you a real idea of the feel, colour and the type of fabric that would suit your personal circumstances/ And to aid them, they are likely to bring fabric swatches and samples for you to feel and touch –  a real hands on opportunity.

What does it cost?

Upholstery prices in the UK vary depending on the type of item that requires reupholstering and the skill of the upholsterer taking on the project. You won’t be surprised to hear that the UK has some of the best upholsterers in the world – whilst not always the cheapest option, it’s most definitely worth spending money on something that will last a lifetime.

What would we recommend right now?

Well, if we were looking at reupholstering a bespoke item in Autumn 2020, we would have to recommend the following fabrics:

Flax Fields – Self Heal (Earthed by William Clark). A contemporary printed Irish Linen With warm purples, deep reds, cool blues and greys drawn from the varying stages of bloom of Flax Plant. The rich colours aim to promote positivity passion and well-being.

Nova Scotia – (By Linwood Fabrics). A mountain scene on cotton velvet reminds us of how quickly the surroundings change on high peaks. A timeless classic, perfect for the use on sofas, chairs, or even to make curtains.

For us, the selection of fabric is the most fun part of the journey in generating bespoke upholstery, and for 2020 the fabric choices are endless. Best of luck with your adventure, and let us know how you get on.

How to reupholster?

If you want an idea of upholstery prices, then check out our advice centre, or for a specific item you have in mind, complete our simple online form to receive estimates from our partnered upholsterers direct. Our partnered upholsterers and soft-furnishers are stood by waiting to guide you through the journey of reupholstering your treasured furniture, future-proofing it for the next generation to enjoy.

The Upholsta Team

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