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Pricing Guides

You have a chair or item of furniture that you want reupholstering? You may be wondering how much does it cost?

Reupholstering Vs New

Is it worth reupholstering Existing Furniture Vs Buying New?


Pricing Guides

You may be wondering how much does it cost to have something reupholstered?

Fabric Advice

General advice on how to select the most suitable fabric for your project.

How Upholsta helps the environment

The production and manufacture of new furniture has a huge impact on the environment. Upholsta.com aims to help people reupholster or restore existing furniture to reduce carbon footprints, often by up to 72% per item.

Reupholster vs New

You may be thinking is it worth the time, effort and money to reupholster an existing piece of furniture or should I just purchase a new one. 

Well, there are a variety of reasons that reupholstering could be right for you. In this section we aim to provide some guidance on the key considerations of whether to reupholster or buy new. 

You may have a piece of furniture that is looking slightly dated and in need of repair, but age is often the sign of good quality. If the chair is structurally sound, it is often perfect for restoration and reupholstery.  

If your chair is struggling to stand on its own four legs… then it’s probably time to look at purchasing a new one.

Sometimes we just a want a change, and there is nothing wrong with that. Whether it is a result of our styles that have changed, or that we have a new preference for colour patterns or design. It most certainly is not a reason to waste a good piece of furniture, or worse, loose it to landfill.

It may be that you have decided to conduct some interior redesign or modelling at home or for your business. This may result in the requirement for new colours, a more contemporary look or even completely new design needs. Choosing the right fabric is key, and when choosing to reupholster an item, with the help of your local expert upholstery professional, the choice of fabric and colour is endless.

By reupholstering you could be significantly reducing your carbon footprint by up to 72% (FIRA) compared with buying newly produced furniture. Now more than ever we need to start looking after the planet and local environment. Join us in our quest to protect the world by considering re-upholstery.


We all have a piece of furniture that has an unwritten sentimental value. Whether you have inherited the item, or you just love the way it looks and feels, these are the perfect reasons to look at having it reupholstered.

Your local upholsterer will be able to advise and guide you through the process of future-proofing your treasured item.


There is a significant difference in the complete re-upholstery of an item of furniture vs the recovering and the costs associated with them.

Reupholstery refers to the complete stripping of all material parts, inspection of the item for structural integrity, followed by the careful rebuilding and recovering in a top fabric of the customers choosing.


Recovering is the process of stripping only the top few layers and then recovering in a suitable new fabric. This process is clearly the cheaper and more environmentally friendly option.

Fabric Advice

 If you are only changing the appearance of a few pieces of furniture, then it’s worth ensuring the new fabric, colours and style would fit with your existing décor. 

Or are you planning to move the furniture around, or even add it to a different room? If so, you almost have a free choice over your fabric type, pattern and colour 

All upholstery fabric is rated for durability, if it’s a heavily used item of furniture then you are going to need a fabric that has a high rub test rating, otherwise it will wear out more quickly.

As this will also likely affect your fabric choice too. If you have young children, you are likely to need something that can be regularly wiped clean, a leather or vinyl would be the most suitable choice. 

Certain pets also react differently to fabric types, it is therefore important that you discuss this in detail with your upholsterer before making your final fabric decision. 

Gaining height and width: Choosing a fabric with vertical stripes adds instant height to a room. Conversely, adding horizontal stripes, will add width or length to your room.

Use of bold patterns: Using bold patterns makes an area appear smaller, whilst using smaller patterns and designs tend to create a more spacious appearance. Remember that entrance ways, such as hallways and stairways, into a house are often the way to make an immediate welcoming statement. These are ideal to use your bold fabric choices as you tend not to spend too much time within them. 

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Pricing Guides

So, you have a chair or item of furniture that you want reupholstering? You will therefore be wondering how much does it cost.

Well, the response you receive initially might not be what you expect, in fact the cost may be significantly higher than you thought it would be. There are several advantages to choosing to reupholster furniture. But it is not always the most inexpensive choice, in fact, often it can cost as much to reupholster an existing piece of furniture as it to purchase a newly manufactured item.

Here, we try to explain the reasons why. What the price includes. Is your item actually worth the effort and cost? What is involved in reupholstering a chair? And should you try and do it yourself?

You may be quoted anywhere from £40 for a simple dining chair, up to £850 for the complete reupholster of a modern arm chair and a 2 seater sofa starting from around £1200, finished in material from a standard range. If you have a very old traditional chair, that requires reupholstering using only traditional methods, then the costs are going to increase further, as does the requirement for higher skilled craftspeople.

    • Dining Chair: £40 –
    • Wing Back Chair: £850 –
    • Sofa: £1200 –

A typical breakdown of costs in the UK might look something like this:

  1. Internal materials. The cost of new foam padding, webbing and other supplies for the internal parts of the chair.
  2. Labour: That includes stripping the old materials, minor frame repair, adding new support systems, retying springs and adding padding and fabric.
  3. Fabric: Fabric usually starts at around £16.50 a meter, and how much you will require will depend on the size and complexity of your chair. If you budget for around £36-£50 per meter, this will give you a broader fabric choice.
  4. Miscellaneous: Disposing of waste materials, fabric consultation – including samples, delivery and pick up, in addition to workshop and admin costs.


The cost can vary depending on the size, style and type of item you are looking to reupholster. Our Pricing Guide here tries to give estimated starting prices.

Recovering and reupholstery can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks depending on the item. Your local upholsterer will be able to advise when providing you with an estimate. But this is often a much quicker service than when ordering newly manufactured items of furniture.

This will depend on the type of item you have, how often it is used and what it is used for.  Check out our advice centre page on fabric choice. (linked to fabric element above).

Are you an upholsterer or soft-furnisher?

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Are you an upholsterer or soft-furnisher?

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